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I am an Award Winning Professional hair stylist and have been working in Sacramento for over 20 years. I trained with Sebastian International and Wella and I am an educator and platform artist.

I have been an trainer for sales consultants, educators and stylists in haircutting, color and products. I have done many hair shows including trade shows, On-The-Road shows and worked as a guest artist.

In 2017 Aura Salon was nominated as a Neighborhood Favorite Salon in Land Park on

Welcome to Aura Salon

How many times have you gone to a noisy and crowded hair salon where you were treated like a number, instead of a guest of the salon? Or where your stylist was too busy chatting with an associate to really look at your hair, or ask you what you liked in a hairstyle? You may have received a great “salon look”, but how easy was it to replicate that style when you returned home?

That’s where Aura Salon differs from most salons…

My goal is to create in the salon, a cut and color my guests will be able to reproduce at home. I achieve this with careful attention to details. I know that each individual’s hair is different and I make sure that you leave my salon with hair that is as beautiful, and as unique as you are.

Above all, I will make sure that you leave knowing how to maintain your hair so that it will stay as beautiful as it is on the first day.

Aura Salon Closed June 28, 2021.

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